Feather bow

The use of microfertilizer “Humisil C” when growing onions for feathers by foliar feeding during the growing season promotes intensive growth of the green mass of onions (powerful and bright green feathers), increases yields up to 40%, improves quality (increase in the content vitamins), increasing the plant’s immunity to diseases, extending the shelf life of green products.


The use of microfertilizer “Gumisil B” when growing corn for grain by foliar feeding helps to stimulate the growth and development of plants; strengthening the root system and increasing the utilization of nutrients from the soil and fertilizers; active growth of the vegetative mass; strengthening the resistance of plants to diseases; improvement of cobs grain content and weight of 1000 grains; improvement of the chemical composition of grains; increasing crop yields up to25%.


The use of microfertilizer “Gumisil B” when growing soybeans by foliar feeding helps to strengthen the root system and enhance nitrogen fixation by nodule bacteria; active growth of the vegetative mass; the laying of reproductive organs with a large number of flowers and beans; increasing the height of the laying of the lower beans; increasing the oil content and quality of beans (protein content, vitamins); more uniform development and ripening of the crop; reduction of grain ripening period by 5-7 days; increase in soybean yield by 17-25% (yield increase up to 7c/ha).

Other cultures

Complex fertilizers of the Gumisil line effectively help to obtain the following effects: stimulation of the development of the root system of plants, increasing the resistance of plants to droughts and frosts, increasing resistance to diseases, increasing the ripening time, improving the quality and environmental friendliness of products, reducing the content of nitrates in products, relieving stress from exposure to plant protection products (pesticides and other preparations), accelerated formation of humus.