High sulfur liquid microfertilizer

replenishment of sulfur deficiency Mono Sulfur

Description Mono-Sulfur

Easy-to-use liquid preparative form – suspension. High concentration of sulfur. Possesses the prolonged action thanks to the content of sulfur in two forms. Contains additional nitrogen and magnesium, which increase the effectiveness of sulfur. Low consumption rate – 0.2-1.0 l / ha. Evenly distributed over the sheet due to the presence of a wetting agent. High payback. Increases yield, size and number of fruits. Increases the protein content in cereals and legumes, gluten in wheat grain, oil content in rapeseed, mustard seeds. Stimulates the development of the root system. Increases resistance to weather stress Signs of Sulfur Deficiency: Growth stunted, beginning with older leaves, a light green color appears, then the leaves turn yellow, acquire a reddish tint. In severe deficiency, the leaves become discolored, but the veins remain green.

Regulations of application

Mono Sulfur Composition

Recommendations for use

Pour water into the tank of the disinfectant, watering system or sprayer up to 2/3 of the calculated volume, with the agitator turned on, add the required amount of pre-mixed fertilizer, mix for at least 3 minutes, add pesticide if necessary, add water to the calculated volume, the solution is mixed and top dressing is carried out. When combined with pesticides and other agrochemicals, it is recommended to check their compatibility by preparing a model working solution. Processing is carried out in the morning and evening hours in dry calm weather. It is not recommended to feed in hot sunny weather.