High potassium liquid microfertilizer

replenishment of potassium deficiency Mono Potassium

Description of Mono Potassium

Highly concentrated suspension, which is comparable to dry fertilizers. Easy to use liquid form, no dilution required, time saving Good compatibility with pesticides. High absorption rate. High payback. The wetting agent and sticking agent improve the spreading of the drug and its fixation on the sheet, the assimilation of nutrients is enhanced and the effectiveness of the jointly used pesticides is increased. Trace elements enhance biochemical processes and increase the effectiveness of potassium. Organic acids and vitamins stimulate growth, increase cold resistance, drought resistance and disease resistance.
Signs of potassium deficiency: The lower leaves wither, droop, turn yellow prematurely, starting from the edges, then the edges turn brown, die off – a “marginal burn” is observed. In grain crops, puny grain is formed, germination and viability of seeds decrease, a tendency to lodging appears, yield decreases, and morbidity increases. In potatoes, the starch content decreases, the susceptibility to diseases increases, and the yield decreases. Sugar beet reduces the sugar content in root crops. Old leaves turn pale and suffer from chlorosis (tissue death). The edges and tips of the leaves begin to bend upwards, a yellow rim appears along the edges of the leaf plate, which gradually dries up. Leaves turn rusty and take on a burnt appearance.

Regulations of application

Composition of Mono-Potassium

Recommendations for use

Pour water into the tank of the disinfectant, watering system or sprayer up to 2/3 of the calculated volume, with the agitator turned on, add the required amount of pre-mixed fertilizer, mix for at least 3 minutes, add pesticide if necessary, add water to the calculated volume, the solution is mixed and top dressing is carried out. When combined with pesticides and other agrochemicals, it is recommended to check their compatibility by preparing a model working solution. Processing is carried out in the morning and evening hours in dry calm weather. It is not recommended to fertilize in hot sunny weather. Precautionary measures: When working with fertilizers, avoid contact with eyes and skin, use personal protective equipment for respiratory organs, skin, eyes. The drug is stored at a temperature not lower than 5 ° C.