Liquid microfertilizer with high phosphorus content

replenishment of phosphorus deficiency Mono Phosphorus

Description Mono-Phosphorus

Highly concentrated suspension, which is comparable to dry fertilizers. Easy to use liquid form, no dilution required, saving time. High absorption rate. Good compatibility with pesticides. High payback. Stimulates the development of the root system – improves the absorption of soil nutrients, increases resistance to drought. Effectively relieves stress in plants after the use of pesticides and adverse weather conditions. Stimulates flowering and fruiting of vegetable and industrial crops. Increases productivity by 15-30%. Accelerates the ripening of the crop. Signs of lack of phosphorus: The growth and development of plants slows down, small leaves are formed, flowering and ripening of fruits are delayed. The lower leaves acquire a dark green color with a red-violet or lilac tint. Plants with a lack of phosphorus dramatically slow down growth. The lower, older leaves of the plant are usually damaged. They acquire first from the edges, and then over the entire surface, a bluish-green, purple or red-violet color. Petioles turn purple.

Regulations of application

Composition Mono-Phosphorus

Recommendations for use

Pour water into the tank of the disinfectant, watering system or sprayer up to 2/3 of the calculated volume, with the agitator turned on, add the required amount of pre-mixed fertilizer, mix for at least 3 minutes, add pesticide if necessary, add water to the calculated volume, the solution is mixed and top dressing is carried out. When combined with pesticides and other agrochemicals, it is recommended to check their compatibility by preparing a model working solution. Processing is carried out in the morning and evening hours in dry calm weather. It is not recommended to feed in hot sunny weather.